Our mission

We believe that our political system is broken and we want to try to help fix it. As a start, we need more open debates on how to solve problems, with everyone more involved and engaged in the discussions. We need both more experts involved and a greater ability for grass roots solutions to emerge. We need to decentralise politics and government and move more power back into our own hands. We need a system that’s able to take more risk and one which doesn’t look for who to blame when things go wrong. We need to set communities free to come up with their own solutions, knowing and accepting the fact that results will vary and we’ll get some failures. But we also want a streamlined and efficient central government that can generously fund the expansion of best practise and – crucially – identify and address failures when and where they happen. We need government and business to work together to invest in better futures for all of us.

We want nothing less than a political revolution but we want it to be creative, not destructive. We want to harness today’s immense opportunities whilst also facing today’s significant problems. Nobody has all the answers to these questions, but it’s fairly clear a small group of people in Westminster cannot and will not find the solutions we need on their own. We believe the way forward lies in harnessing the talents we have right across the country and in the possibility of co-creating new policies together. We need to innovate and experiment and then we might find our way towards the best solutions.

At VoteBetter we hope to kindle this process by creating a platform for all of us to Engage, Compare, Share and Influence ideas and policies, to whatever extent suits us best. After all, we all want our voices heard and politics to change but very few of us want to join political parties or go to conferences. We need political levers that we can reach and pull as and when suits us. The more of us who do so, the better the solutions we will find and the faster we will change the political system and the status quo.

Join us and let’s get going.

Together we can all use VoteBetter to change the political system.

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