Meet Emma

Mother of 4 living in London

I am not a member of any party and don't feel that any one party represents me.

I want my views to be heard.

I support some of what the Conservatives are doing and some of what Labour says.

I seem to fall between these parties and they don't seem to listen to me or people like me.

Emma’s profile

Voted remain in Brexit
Thinks single market access is the key priority in the Brexit negotiations
Top priority is building more homes
Her local MP is Karen Buck

I have used VoteBetter and like the fact that I can make up my own mind rather than having someone else tell me what my options are.


with the VoteBetter network

I can share my views and priorities and see how these compare with my friends and the VoteBetter network.

I can see where others agree and disagree and can adapt my position as I learn more about issues.

In the UK

  • 65% have at least 3 of the same top 5 priorities as Emma
  • 89% have at least 2 of the same top 5
  • 12% disagree with all top 5

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